First Project - Thiện Phước Nhân Ái ​Center
Thiện Phước Center's primary mission is to care for and support orphans with disabilities, heal them physically and mentally, and help with integration into society.
  • The center started its operations on 5/18/2001 in Cu Chi, Vietnam.
  • Currently, the center takes care of 72 children: 47 children are severely disabled and paralyzed due to cerebral palsy and polio; 25 children have various conditions such as Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, autism and other developmental delays.
  • The center provides formulas, diapers, supplements and education for the children. The facility offers physical therapy and acupunture rehabilitation.
  • Presently, the center is managed by 12 sisters and 10 staff members.
  • Thien Phuoc Center is a non-government sponsored organization.  The operations rely solely on the support of organizations, individual donors and sponsors, both within and outside the country.

All donations will be matched 100% until December 31, 2020.

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