How did New Hope for Disadvantaged Children form?
Our Organization Director, Mrs. Tien Tran, has been the primary sponsor for Thien Phuoc Center since 2010. She has been actively involved with the center and continued to reach out to others for help. Together as a group of friends, we have started New Hope for Disadvantaged Children Organization. We share the same interests in helping and caring for these children who are orphaned, disabled, or suffering from different genetic diseases in Vietnam. We are a non-profit organization striving to continue the mission of providing nutritional supports. We rely on the love and generosity of family, friends, and businesses so that we may continue to better the lives of children with disabilities living in Viet Nam.

All administrative expenses are sponsored by our board members to ensure that 100% of your donation will help these children.

Board Officer:
Tiên Trần, Organization Director

Board Advisor:
GiGi Võ
Jimmy Định
Vy Hương Đoàn

Board Member:
Frank Tuấn Nguyễn
Kathy Định
Tracy Nguyễn

Tiffany Vu